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Saturday, March 10, 2012

TESOL Training @ UP Baguio

TESOL Philippines, in partnership with the College of Arts and Communication (CAC) of the University of the Philippines Baguio (UPB), will hold a "TESOL Summer Certificate Course" from 7-18 May 2012 (1-6 pm). Backed by the Asian EFL Group and recognized by leading global universities, the prestigious Asian EFL Journal TESOL Certificate enables its holders eligibility for acceptance in selected universities and potential course accreditation in M.A. for TESOL Studies.

COURSE INCLUDES (1) attendance of full 10 days at 5 hours per day (Mondays to Fridays), (2) home readings of selected TESOL materials, (3) a research project, (4) a three-hour group seminar to discuss research work progress, (5) workshops and demonstrations, and (5) certificate accepted by international employers.

COURSE FEE: PhP 13,500.00

TARGET PARTICIPANTS: Teachers and other professionals, fresh graduates of any course, and graduating students

LIMITED SLOTS... First come, first served basis.

CONTACT: telefax (074) 444-8393 OR email this address

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Xian said...

hi popoy. i ve been searching for tesol certification and found your blog site. i would like to know if do you have the exact website of this company who conducted tesol cretification in UP baguio
<for your reference

popoy said...

Hi Xian, it's