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Monday, June 25, 2012

Love Song of the Igorots (reposted)

[Note: I just found out that this post was not included in the files I had imported from my old Wordpress account so here it is, along with the readers' comments. - sms]

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“Love Song of Igorots:
‘Layad nan Likatan’ Tells the Story of Two Lovers”
By AUGUSTUS U. SABOY, ca. late ‘60s

TABUK, Kalinga-Apayao. Jan 23 (PNS) – A song inspired by a true-to-life story of two Bontoc Igorot sweethearts has become the most popular hit in the Mountain Provinces.

Entitled “Layad Nan Likhatan,” the song literally means, “The Love We Have Suffered.”
Almost every owner of a portable radio-phonograph has a record of the song – young and old women, school children and students have learned the song by heart. Even the unlettered highlander riding on a bus or singing a lullaby to a child who is carried piggy-back at home hums or sings the song.
Singer and Composer

The song has been popularized by Pedro L. Chinalpan, its singer and composer. [Note: Recent research attributes the authorship of the song to Timothy D. Chaokas, also a Bontoc Igorot. - sms] Chinalpan is a 35-year old Bontoc balladeer, and a Dangwa truck driver. Actually, Chinalpan has been singing the song long before he recorded it on wax.

Chinalpan, who is well-loved by passengers riding in his Dangwa Tranco bus along the mountain highways, said he used to sing love songs while driving “to keep himself awake.”

The truck driver’s good singing voice earned him the distinction of being the “land-pilot-singing Igorot,” a name still given him today.

His fame spread shortly after a talent scout from a movie company in Manila who was aboard his bus discovered him.

At the Recording Studio

In June 1963, he was invited to Manila for a recording of his voice.

After some difficulty adjusting to the demands of the recording studio artists, Chinalpan finally got “Layad Nan Likatan” into the platters.

Sang in the Bontoc dialect, “Layad Nan Likatan” tells the story of a man who won the love of a girl after he had bested his rivals, and later married her. During their early years together, the wife became unfaithful, and was estranged from her husband. They were later reunited through their daughter who, too, became a singer.

Chinalpan hopes to record more Igorot songs which he had composed during the past years.

Philanthropist needed

He also hopes that some philanthropist would help him underwrite his recording expenses. Chinalpan is optimistic that he would be able to put out better records with his other songs.

Chinalpan, who is blessed with a beautiful baritone, is a teetotaler. He neither smokes nor drinks.
When with his charming wife, the former Cecilia Sumeg-ang, and their six children, he sings his unrecorded Igorot songs.

Chinalpan now drives a Dangwa bus on the Kalinga-Apayao road.

The Igorot driver-song artist says that since his song, “Layad Nan Likatan” became popular, he has had difficulty keeping away from young boys and girls who ask him to sing songs before them, especially on bus stops along his route.

41 Responses
[from my deleted Wordpress account, sms]
2008 May 31
jeanalyn permalink
i love the song “nan layad nan likhatan” so much! more power to the composer!.>>..
2008 May 31
same here. my mom taught us the song early in our childhood, and i’m making sure that my kids will be able to sing it by heart long after i’m gone…! thanks for the comment :)
2008 June 8
PatriciA permalink
even if i’m not a kankana-ey, i really really love this song. i always request my friend who is from Mt. Province to sing this for me. i always get teary eyed when i hear this song (i don’t know why). Anyway i just hope that our singers here in the cordillera will continue singing and composing such beautiful songs.
2008 June 9
i hope so too. and it’s heartening to watch the music videos of some of our contemporary “kinnoboyan” songs composed by fairly young kankanaeys. i expect that all the other tribal groups in the cordillera will come up with their own music productions in the years ahead. salamat iti panagbisitam kabsat!
2008 June 27
desiree permalink
is mr. chinalpan really the composer? i have read a blog which states that a certain mr. oakes composed it. it said that mr. oakes feel inlove with a bontoc maiden but then the relationship did not prosper because the lady married a mr. claver.
2008 June 27
hi desiree, as i noted above, Dr. Anatalia Saboy in the article linked to this post attributed the composition of “Layad” to the late Timothy Chaokas. However, others like Mrs. Mary Peckley Irving (a relative of Mrs. Saboy), believe that it was Mr. Oakes who composed it. It is clear though that the late Pedro Chinalpan only popularized the song, and was not the one who wrote it. Those of us in Tabuk who enjoyed listening to “uncle” Pedro when we were kids will always remember him for this… thanks for your interest in this article. I’ll be posting the notations soon!
2008 August 8
chloe permalink
“nan layad nan likatan, tet-eway sikhab, hmm hmm hmm…” the classic song goes that way. i heard it from tito jeff abul. he sang it in one of his records.
the peculiar thing in this song is that it stays and keeps on playing in you. i guess its because it reflects man’s most throbbing emotions: love and sadness.
next time, when i’m bound for kalinga. i’ll make sure i’ll ride on a dangwa bus and let mr. Chinalpan sing for me. haha!
2008 October 14
luz HK permalink
cho san! (good morning in chinese) just stumbled upon your site….very nice…. NAN LAYAD… is very popular here in Hong Kong every time we have celebrations here we always sing this classic song whether those in our company are from Benguet or any other parts of the cordillera. I even composed a liturgical song (Ps 23) to the tune of NAN LAYAD….more power to your site……
2008 October 14
xiexie ni, tongzhi! usto-usto a, i read your post as i was listening to wong ka kui’s “zhende ai ni” (beyond). back in the mainland a few years ago, layad was also our favorite song in our all-igorot gatherings :)i think it would be good to listen in to an all-igoy rendition of your adaptation of layad. ganbei!
2008 October 16
pascale permalink
You like Chinese song, I like Filipino song. “Anak” …I love this song very much.
2008 October 17
Freddie Aguilar is one of the Filipino singers/composers I truly admire. I have known “Anak” by heart since childhood, but it was only when I had a family of my own that I got to fully appreciate it. I guess one reason I like “Zhende Ai Ni” so much is that it touches on the sensibility of a parent and that of a child who doesn’t fail to remember his mother with fondness . I wonder if there is a Chinese version of “Anak” — tried searching for one in YouTube but couldn’t find it.
You have always shown a deep appreciation of our culture, Pascale. Thank you. :)
2008 October 17
luz HK permalink
cho san again, apay neighbor ta Apo Scott. Wad-ay ak pay sina Hong Kong. How about coming here in your spare time. Umalim ilan nan kaka iliam ay Ifontok. Since 2004, we celebrate Bontoc Day every September.. And also we just had the launching of the Mountain Province Day last June 1, 2008. This coming March 15, 2009. You are invited to come, umali ka ta sika nan Guest speaker mi………be reading your words…bye…….time to clean the house…….
2008 October 17
nensubliak et ya manang. Baguio nan kawad-ak, inesus-oloak edwani ed UP habang enmasmasterate met lang. kanan ngarud Pascale (Yuen Yuet Chun — principal isnan isang ay school sisa for 20 years ngem inmali sna for her masterate ed SLU) ay bumisita kami kanu sisa. mailanto manang no waday kabalinan na ay makabisita kami sisa next year. :)it is always a joy to know that our “Igorotness” is alive and well out there. ay bengga siguro nan makiget-together sisa aya? :)thanks for the invite…
btw, si Jet Ateo-an ay kasinsin ko waday pay laeng somewhere in the mainland still doing ESL along with other fellow Ifontoks. ingatz!
2008 October 17
luzHK permalink
at least adi…….no makaskasmek kayo ay bumisita sina Hong Kong, let us know……i’ll tell nan kakailian to visit your site,nan ammo mi angkay ya nan website nan Mountain Province.. kag-awis nan site mo….maybe your wondering no sino initz…. sak-en si Luz Afidchao…….ingatz….sa susunod
2008 October 18
thanks manang. wen mailanto hehe. ay am-ammoyo mangngen si Pablo Afidchao? kasisinsin ko. (article on auntie Chuma here). ingatz! :)
2008 October 20
luzHK permalink
khawis ay afternoon mo,pangyao,adik ya ammo si Pablo Afidchao,away ammo na sak-en. I’m getting younger ya so nga adik et malagip nan relatives,hi,hi,hi….I’m sure relative siya… HELLO…. relative ta ngarud,ah…..HI!……Mention ko nan cousins sinan father side siguro you know them….Valiant Fang-asan is one…nan younger brother daddy si Uncle Richard Afidchao…..mmm? silip ak to bukas….GBU……
2009 April 27
lulu permalink
hello luz,
ay kasinsin uppay valiant sika? sak-en nan asawan valiant. it is good to know you are in hong kong ta no umey kami men pasyar issa ya wada kib-a ay umey ilaen.
2008 October 20
jeannette permalink
hi. i want to buy an album of igorot songs. can you tell me where i can get one?… especially your songs. thanks. im in love with an igorot right now. this one is for better or worst.
2008 October 20
jeannette permalink
i want to surprise my love who is a kankana-ey… i hope i can give him an album of his native songs..
2008 October 22
Latikan permalink
Sumampitaw-ak kad.. ibesao-ak. Wada nan hapon ay nin-bisita sina Cordi ket kanan sa en folk song ad Japan nan tune nan ‘Nan Layad…’ If you think about it, at one time of this life, Mr. Chaokas visited Japan. It seems that he provided the tune. There must be some connection here and it may be good to trace the links.
2008 October 23
my mom believes that the tune is an adaptation of an old American folk song, “There is Beauty All Around.” but you sure have provided an angle of the Layad story worth looking into. salamat etad!
2008 October 23
jeanette, if you are in Baguio go to “Ayuyang” (near Baden Powell & Dagupan Bus terminal along Governor Pack Road). you can buy Lourdes Fangki’s albums there and you might even get the chance of seeing her in person — a friend told me she sang there last Friday night. say hi to lucky guy hehe
2008 December 3
CKay permalink
Hi Scott… when I went home 2 years ago, I saw some of the late Timothy’s literary compositions and a copy of the “Layad….” was in the same folder I was going through. I don’t want to claim that he did in fact pen the song before I do my homework again, but what got me thinking was, why not have the Chaokas and the Oakes clan do a recording of the song anyway both clans have good singing voices? Thoughts?
2008 December 4
uy, that’s a wonderful idea kabsat! sige man, pose the challenge to them and let’s see what comes out of it. btw, should any of the Chaokas and Oakes family wish to entrust historical docs, esp manuscripts, UP Baguio’s Cordillera Studies Center Archives would be delighted to store it for future researches. On my part, I intend to turn over what remained of my father’s photo collections (spanning nearly half a century) and other docs to the UPB archives for safe-keeping. thanks for the post etd, layad kayet!
2009 January 21
CKay permalink
Some (if not all) of the documents/writings/compositions of the late Timothy are with his daughter in law Mrs. Florence Chaokas. She wrote on the writings of the late Timothy. I believe copies of the book are avaliable in Bontoc.
I did post the challenge with the Chaokas family and some are for it and others still need to be contacted. I have yet to post the challenge with the Oakes clan.
2009 February 7
thanks for the info kabsat. i hope to get a copy when i visit bontoc again.
2009 February 23
Iris permalink
Hi scott saboy…
i just wanna ask the specific dialect of that song… is it kankana-ey? coz im doing a report this coming wednesday and i chose this song… by the way, are you from UPB? because i studied there last 2007 and im currently in UPD. Please reply! thank you…
2009 February 23
Bontoc language, kapatid. yup, sa CAC ako. thanks Iris for the visit and good luck to your presentation… :)
2009 April 27
lulu permalink
hello scott,
will digress from your discussion thread. do you still want a copy of the Stories of Alapu Mountain Province edition? We are selling the extra copies to raise funds again for the second printing. I was going to tell you but i lost the CP number you gave me. I just chanced upon your blogsite this idle rainy afternoon. Interesting discussion on Layad Nan Likhatan. Lulu Fang-asan
2009 April 27
Ay wen adi manang. Kanak adi no talaga ay adi yo layden ay lumako ak hehehe. So do I have to go to BSU to get it manang? Thanks for keeping in touch… :)
2009 February 25
Iris permalink
salamat ng marami… =)
2009 April 24
JUDITH permalink
I know that song since i was still very young, but I have a very different knowledge as to why the song was born and who is the composer..
That song as to what I know is based on a true story of a man and woman from mountain province who are on their way to get married but then the girl due to her parents influence decided to marry another man just the time their marraige was already fully prepared…… The guy who is a teacher in star school in baguio, depressed about what happened, WROTE THE SONG.
….. well, that is to what I know….base on what my old bontoc neighbors story.
2009 April 28
kheil permalink
aye gawis nan comunication u asna ah kega chating gedan..heheh
2009 April 28
ay wen met a. usto ta join ka met hehe
2009 May 1
gam permalink
‘nan layad’ a pride of bontoc!!!!!!!
2009 May 13
hi i like igorot songs eventhough im in far away place i always search and play igorot songs,it makes m feel im in my native land,anaway’s composed more igorot songs ….
2009 May 16
yup, when we are away from our, music bridges the distance between us and our beloved ili. may you continue to be blessed…
2009 May 14
muklangat permalink
can somebody translate the song for me . .. I’m planning to create my own video and post it on youtube, but my problem is i can’t understand even a single word of it. .
Taga Buguias ak gamin ket han ko maawatan saun ti bontoc. .
thanks in advance. .
2009 July 13
Yvone permalink
mayat nga rabii kada kayo amin…………
2009 July 24
gheneva permalink
i really love to hear the song “Nan Layad Nanlikatan”.the intro sound dug my heart into deeper emotion.still its the best song i ever heard because it contains message of challenge and inspiration..thanks guys!!at this moment i miss that song.
i’m from kibungan, Benguet
2009 July 28
betsy permalink
i’m proud to be from bontoc..matago-tago nan layad tako ay inmey tako inlikhatan yah matago-tago nan ili tako…

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