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Friday, September 7, 2012


Thanks to Senator Tito Sotto, there's now a new synonym for plagiarizing -- "Sottoing." And the word even has verb conjugations -- "Sinotto," "Sinosotto," and "Sosottohin."

Sotto has no one to blame but himself. What is appalling is his arrogance in thinking that he is exempted from universally acknowledged and followed research ethics. Plagiarism is a grave "sin" in the academe. Why should it not be deemed so in the oh-so-august Philippine Senate where laws passed presumably go through rigorous research processes or stages? Or has this recent brouhaha illustrated that some of our lawmakers and their staff need to undergo rigorous training in research methodology and ethics?

This Senator who gets paid by our taxes complains that, according to a news report, "he was the first senator to ever be a victim of cyber-bullying." As if that was a badge of honor. Ay apo met!

The more Sotto defends himself, the deeper he sinks into the quagmire he himself created. And his case will likely give credence to "Kangkongkernits'" joke that "It's More Fun to Plagiarize in the Philippines."

I went over to Janice Formichella's post on the issue and couldn't help agreeing with some of the commenters:

Angelo Cruz says:
September 6, 2012 at 7:46 am
Indeed, it seems Sotto’s latest speech is yet another act of intellectual theft; this time from the late Robert F. Kennedy. The speech was in Tagalog, but a careful review of the words and they are a very good match to RFK’s 1966 speech on the Day of Affirmation in South Africa.

Gem says:
September 6, 2012 at 4:31 pm
This is disgusting. I’m Filipino and I cringe while I read articles like this. In the age of Google and smart phones one should be very careful what they lift from blogs, websites, books or magazines. He’s an actor/TV show host who does not have the intellectual capacity run for office or to make speeches. This is a clear reflection of what is wrong with the Philippines. People vote for the ones who are famous and not the ones who have skills. It’s a sad reality.
Surprisingly, despite Sotto’s blatant acts of plagiarism, he still garners considerable support from those against the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill.

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