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Friday, October 12, 2012

Kanana Kanu (1)

The 75-seater Baguio Cinematheque went SRO on October 11 during the screening of Jocelyn Banasan-Kapuno's "Kanana Kanu."

Touted as the first Kalinga community-produced film, it is Kapunos’s entry to this year’s “1st Sineng Pambansa National Film Competition.” The title, which means “So it is said,” is taken from the stereotyped concluding line of the Kalinga chant, Ullálim.

Set in the scenic village of Balinciagao in Pasil, Kalinga, it tells of a KalingAmerican named John who visits his mother’s village, Magobya, and gets embedded in the “simple, practical and natural” life of the place. Meanwhile, he is regaled with fabulous Ullálim stories, especially the exploits undergone by the culture hero Banna to win the heart of the beauteous Lagunnawa. John goes back to America with a greater understanding of his indigenous roots, and a hint of returning to nurture a budding romance with the Magobya lass, Uchen.

The cast is comprised mostly of Kalingas who come from at least five of the 50 “sub-tribes” of Kalinga. Among them are former Tabuk City mayor Camilo Lammawin (as Dulliyaw, Lagunnawa’s father) and ethnopop singer and composer Arnel Banasan (as Magatangga, Lagunnawa’s father).

The screening is among the dozens already held in the venue, the first Philippine Cinematheque to be built through the “Sineng Pambansa” (National Cinema) program of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FCDP). To date, three other similar film centers have been built in the cities of Davao, Iloilo and Marawi.

According to the FCDP website, the cinematheques aim to “bring [mainstream and independent, classic and contemporary] Filipino films to Filipinos.” The coverage of the screenings has been expanded to include foreign films.

More notes on the film to follow :)

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