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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

End of the World (for the nth time)

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Gullibility is no respecter of persons, and knows no past. After all the failed predictions of doomsdaysayers and preppers in the past centuries, one would think we today won't be easy prey to the speculations of end-time nuts. But no. Unbelievably, some -- including supposedly smart folks -- are actually buying the misinterpretations of Mayan myth and hallucinations over Nostradamic quatrains that supposedly peg the world's incineration on 12.21.12. Great. Let the world that began with a creative Big Bang now end with a destructive Pfft.

Meanwhile, let's sip our coffee and do some leisurely reading while Tutankhamen joins the sun in one last ride and Quetzalcoatl appears on the horizon on his white horse to the sound of a thousand atomic explosions, Gangnam-style:

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