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Sunday, May 12, 2013

On My Ballot

5 women, 7 men for the SENATE:

> Edward HAGEDORN, Dick GORDON, Juan Edgardo ANGARA, Ramon MAGSAYSAY, Jr.,  Koko PIMENTEL, Alan Peter CAYETANO, Bam AQUINO

> CONGRESS (Baguio City): Mark GO

> MAYORSHIP (Baguio City): Atty. Jose MOLINTAS.  

Like many voters in Baguio I talked to, I felt that Mark Go, being one of the wealthiest of the wealthy in the city, is elitist and may not be able to connect to the ordinary yBaguio like me.  I still feel the same way, but having seen him and heard him talk a few times (especially in the campus, as president of the UP Baguio Alumni Association) I think he may have an ear for the commonfolk. And given his impressive corporate and/or managerial experience, he could bring in a fresh vision for a better Baguio

Molintas can serve as a fitting partner for Go.  An Ibaloi Igorot and a human rights lawyer, apo JoeMol can help Go wield through the various issues of Baguio, especially those that concern indigenous peoples.

Most of the time, those who have been in politics for so long eventually  lose a clear vision and their sense of mission as they begin to delude themselves into thinking that they are indispensable. But they are not the only people who can lead and serve. Baguio is teeming with people who, if given the opportunity to lead, can do a better job than these old guards can.

> COUNCIL (Bagiuo City): Atty. Edilberto TENEFRANCIA, Atty. George DUMAWING

I have always been an admirer of lakay Tene whose name I equate with wisdom, vision and integrity.   I personally know and highly respect manong George, one with a  broad and deep understanding of the various issues in the community, as well as a boundless passion for service. 

Mine is just one vote, and there's a fat chance all of these candidates will make it to the magic numbers.  But win or lose, they are all worth my one vote. Good luck!


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