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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Call for Papers: 36th UGAT Conference @ Saint Louis University


36th UGAT Annual Conference
Saint Louis University, Baguio City
October 23 to 25, 2014

Trajectories of the “Anthropological” in the Philippines

This year’s annual conference shifts its attention from anthropology as a discipline to the “anthropological” as a stance.  The “anthropological” is invariably articulated in the problematics of “contextual analysis, mediations, and interventions,” broadly construed, in much of historical, social, economic, political, and cultural inquiries on the complexities of life across various times and places. In other words, the conference tries to locate the anthropological moment in the understanding and transformation of the vast lifeworld. It also acknowledges and assesses conceptual, methodological, and practical contributions of the “anthropological” deployed by practitioners in the fields of the natural and social sciences, law, philosophy, education, medicine, humanities, media studies, and so on, in the local and global contexts of the Philippines.   

We, therefore, invite individual paper, poster, short film/video, and panel proposals explicating how the “anthropological” is reflexively, ethically, and methodologically engaged in various fields of endeavour, for what purposes, and with what consequences.  Topical arenas include, but are not limited to, the following, with a particular inflection of the anthropological stance:

Seminal Figures: Anthropological Stance in the Philippines
Social Sciences
Natural Sciences
Arts and Humanities
Media Studies
Human Movement
Social Work and Community Development
Folklore Studies
Philippine Studies
Urban Planning


1.    Abstracts should be 250 words and should be written in a style that is accessible to non-academic audiences. The topical arena(s) into which the abstract falls may also be indicated.
2.    Submissions should include the author’s name, institutional affiliation and complete contact information (e-mail address, telephone number, and mailing address).
3.    Please send abstracts to by June 30, 2014
4.    Students intending to join the Student Paper Competition must indicate this in their submission. The winning entry will automatically be considered for publication in the Aghamtao, the official journal of UGAT.

For other inquiries, please contact the UGAT Conference Secretariat at + 63 0920-9823179 (Eizel P. Hilario) or  + 0927-2081829  (Hector Guazon) or

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