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Kalinga Organization 
In Baguio and Benguet
·          Pres.: P/Capt. SAMUEL BUMANGIL (Ret.)
·          Vice Pres.: Arch. PONCIANO G. MINA
·          Secretary: Ms. ELIZABETH MEWAN
·          Treasurer: Mrs. ZITA PITAG
·          Auditor: Mr. JOHNNY MAYMAYA JR.
·          PRO: Mr. JESSE MAGUIYA
·          Business Managers:
·          Sgt.-at-Arms: Kalinga Police Officers in Baguio &Benguet

·          Judge FRANCIS BULIYAT
·          Atty. MIGUEL CAWI
·          Atty. GEORGE DUMAWING JR.
·          Mr. JOSEPH DUPALI
·          Mr. ARTHUR GONGON
·          Mr. GEORGE MACONGOY
·          Mr. MAURICIO PITAG
·          Mrs. LUCIA RUIZ
·          Mr. CIRILO SABAWAY
·          Mr. MONROE TACLAWAN

·          Chairman: Mr. MAURICIO PITAG
·          Vice Chairman: Mr. ROBERTO AWINGAN
·          Secretary: Mr. JOSEPH DUPALI
·          Treasurer: Mr. BENNY LINGBAWAN
·          Auditor: Mr. ANTONIO OSNGAL
·          Business Managers:
·          PRO: Mr. CIRILO SABAWAY
·          Marshals: Mr. BENITO MABINI &Kalinga Police Officers in Baguio/Benguet

·          Mr. MONROE TACLAWAN
·          Dr. MACARIO CADATAL
·          Mr. GASPAR BALWAY
·          Engr. BONG CAWED


The Organization shall be known as the Kalinga Organization in Baguio and Benguet.

The Principal Office of the Association shall be located in 7-S Bar and Restaurant, MB 073, Puguis, La Trinidad, Benguet.

The purposes of the Association shall be the following:
1.      To promote unity among the ethnic groups of Kalinga residing in Baguio City and Benguet Province;
2.      To exert common effort towards the preservation and practice of the laudable customs and traditions of the various tribes in Kalinga;
3.      To promote understanding, goodwill, cooperation, and foster brotherhood and harmony among its members towards the attainment of peace and order in the area;
4.      To establish a well-founded means of developing, improving, ameliorating, conserving, education and uplifting the livelihood and general welfare of its members;
5.      To cooperate closely with the government through duly constituted authorities and instrumentalities;
6.      To perform such other lawful acts and engage in such activities incidental or related to the purposes and objectives of the Organization.

Section 1 Qualification & Fee.  Membership shall be open to all Kalinga professionals and residents within the City of Baguio and the Province of Benguet, after paying a membership fee of  PhP 100.00.  Annual dues shall be PhP 500.00.
Section 2 Duties. Every member shall:
a.       Comply with the provisions of this constitution and by-laws and other rules and regulations of the Association as may be promulgated.
b.      Attend all meetings, seminars and trainings as may be prescribed by the Association.
c.       Pay his/her duties and other fees upon demand by the treasurer of the Association.
d.      Willing to contribute his/her time and effort and for the attainment of the Association’s aims and purposes.
e.       Extend protection and/or assistance to any and/or all members of the Association as the need arises.
f.        T o vote and be voted upon during the election of officers.
Section 3 Bodong Committee. There shall be a committee constituted from the members of the Association which shall have the primary function of entertaining and settling civil or criminal disputes existing among the members of the Association in accordance with the customs and traditions of the Kalinga.
Section 4 Other Kalinga Organizations. Other organizations initiated or founded among Kalinga residents in Baguio and Benguet are hereby recognized and respected and should act in coordination with this Association.
Section 5 Termination of Membership. Membership in the Association may be terminated on the following grounds:
a.       Voluntary termination of membership.
b.      Failure to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws as well as the rules and regulations of the Association.
c.       Any act inimical to the welfare of the members.
d.      Failure to maintain good standing within the Association.
e.       Other causes as may be decided by at least 2/3 of all the members of the Association.

Section 1 Qualification and Election.  The general management of the Association shall be vested in the Board of Trustees who shall be composed of all the incumbent officers and advisers of the Association.
Section 2 Terms of Office.  The term of office of the Board of Trustees shall be coterminous with the term of office of the officers and advisers.
Section 3 Quorum. A minimum of 20 officers and advisers shall constitute the quorum.
Section 4 Meetings. There shall be general and special meetings of the Board of Trustees and the general membership:
a.       General Meeting. There shall be a general assembly every last Sunday of every quarter starting from the quarter immediately following the election of officers.
b.      Special Meeting.  Special meetings shall be held upon notice of the President of the Association or upon the request of at least two members of the Board of Trustees.
Section 5 Powers. The Board of Trustees shall have the following powers:
1.      Initiate and make changes on the rules and regulations consistent with this Constitution and By-Laws as the need arises.
2.      Create committees as it may deem fit and delegate powers, functions and responsibilities as the need arises.
3.      Acquire for the Association rights or privileges which may be favorable as it deems fit.
4.      To transact business for the Association.
Section 6. Minutes of Meetings.  Minutes of any meetings of the Board and the general assembly shall form part of the records of the Association.

Section 1. The officers of the Association shall be the following:
a.       President. The President shall be elected from among the members of the Association by balloting or by acclamation.  He shall have the following duties:
i.                     Preside over all the meetings of the Association.  However, he may designate any member of Board to act in his behalf;
ii.                   Exercise general supervision and control over the Association;
iii.                 Receive in behalf of the Association any gifts, donations and grants;
iv.                 Execute in behalf of the Association all contracts and agreements which may redound to the benefit of the Association;
v.                   Countersign any check or document relative to the Association;
vi.                 Submit an annual report of operation to the general assembly; and
vii.               Exercise such other functions as may be delegated from time to time by the Board.
b.      Vice President.  The Vice President shall be elected from among the members of the Association.  He shall perform the duties of the President in his absence, incapacity or death and shall perform such functions as may be designated by the Board from time to time.
c.       Secretary.  The Secretary shall be elected at large by the General Assembly. He shall perform the following duties:
i.                     Keep minutes of all meetings by the Board as well as the General Assembly;
ii.                   Cause all notices of all meetings by the Board or General Assembly;
iii.                 Keep the corporate seal which shall be used on all documents requiring such seal of the Association;
iv.                 Perform such other functions as may be assigned to him.
d.      Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall be elected from among the general membership.  He shall perform the following:
i.                     He shall be the custodian of funds and properties of the Association and keep complete accurate records including receipts and disbursements as well as other transactions in a Book of Accounts provided for by the Association and must see to it that disbursements and expenditures be supported by proper receipts;
ii.                   Deposit in the name of the Association and to its credit all moneys, funds and similar valuables belonging to the Association in a bank designated by the Board and countersign all checks and/or withdrawal slips of bank deposits from the funds of the Association;
iii.                 Render periodic report of the condition of funds of the Association to the Board during a scheduled meeting;
iv.                 Receive with receipts all money pertaining to the Association;
v.                   Perform such other functions as may be assigned to him by the Board or the General Assembly.
e.       Auditor. There shall be an Auditor elected from among the members of the Association who shall perform the following functions:
i.                     Audit the book of accounts of the Association every quarter;
ii.                   Pass upon the report of the Treasurer as to its authenticity;
iii.                 Report audit result made on a yearly basis during the last quarter meeting of the General Assembly;
iv.                 Perform such other functions as may be assigned to him.
f.        Public Relations Officer.  There shall be a Public Relations Officer elected at large by the general membership who shall perform the following functions:
i.                     To inform the membership of matters of importance;
ii.                   Publish or cause the publication of all activities of the Association either through radio or any other means of information dissemination;
iii.                 Build the good image of the Association and establish linkages with government agencies, instrumentalities, local government units, non-government organizations and other legal organizations and associations;
iv.                 Other functions as may be assigned to him.
g.       Business Managers. There shall be two  Business Managers elected at large by the general membership who shall perform the following functions:
i.                     Plan all activities of the Association in coordination with the Board;
ii.                   Act on activities relating to solicitation of funds for the Association;
iii.                 Perform such other functions as may be assigned to him.
h.      Marshals.  There shall be Marshals who are all members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Baguio and Benguet without the need of election and who shall perform the following functions:
i.           Protect members, officers and advisers of the Association during meetings of
             the Association or anywhere at their presence;
ii.          Keep order during meetings and other activities of the Association;
iii.                 Perform such other functions as may be assigned to them by the Board.

Vacancies in any elective position due to death, resignation, disability or otherwise shall be filled up by electing a replacement by the General Assembly to serve the unexpired term, in a meeting called for the purpose.
In case of a temporary vacancy due to the absence of an officer, the Board may appoint a temporary replacement to do the functions of the absentee.

Section 1. There shall be held an election of Officers and Advisers of the Association on the last Sunday of the month immediately preceding the expiration of the term of the incumbent officers and every two years thereafter to be administered by an Election Committee created for the purpose by the Board.
Section 2.  The manner of election shall be in accordance with the rules and mechanics issued by the election committee.

The Fiscal Year of the Association shall begin from the first day of the month following the day that the first set of officers were elected and qualified.

The second Sunday of February is hereby duly designated as a Special Kalinga Day which shall be celebrated annually.

Amendments to the Association’s Constitution and By-Laws may be done with the concurrence of the majority of the members who are present during a meeting called for the purpose.

This Constitution and By-Laws shall take effect immediately upon its ratification by the general membership.

Prepared by:

                                                                                   ELIZABETH ABBACAN MEWAN

Attested by:


This Constitution and By-Laws is hereby ratified by referendum this 31st  day of July, 2010 in the City of Baguio, Republic of the Philippines by the undersigned members of the Association.